Develop a passion for learning.
If you do, you will never cease to grow.

Anthony J. D'Angelo

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

Nelson Mandela

To educate a person in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society.

Theodore Roosevelt

If you love life, don't waste time, for time is what life is made up of.

Bruce Lee

Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.

Helen Keller

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You can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water.

Rabindranath Tagore


Our founder Shri.S.P.Velumani is the incumbent minister of Municipal administration & Rural development. Emanating from a modest agrarian family, he believes that education is the most powerful weapon which one can use to transform the world. He has organized various skill development training programs to thousands of youth. His primal focus is on making quality education accessible to the hardworking, underprivileged and destitute solicitant. Establishing AMMA IAS Academy is to bring education revolution by offering free coaching to UPSC aspirants and imparting optimal quality education to crack the prestigious Civil services examination.

Shri. S.P. Velumani MA.,MPhil.,
Founder of Nallaram Trust


Shri. S.P. Anbarasan, the Chairman of Nallaram Trust & Amma IAS academy, is a renowned social activist, a proponent of women empowerment and an ardent environmentalist. He has involved himself in dredging operations, organising tree planting campaigns thereby contributing towards the environmental conservation. He is most acclaimed for his philanthropic works. He has a magnificent vision towards the rural education. His benefaction encompass the government school's infrastructure, equipping with computers and pioneering digitization. His passion, vision and altruistic concern for the social welfare and educational advancements, has led to the the establishment of Amma IAS academy, instituting preeminent intellectualism.

Shri. S.P. Anbarasan B.Com.,
Chairman of Nallaram Trust & Amma IAS Academy



TNPSC Group-1

TNPSC Group-1

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What Our Student says?

It was an overwhelming responses from our students.

Myself an Aeronautical Engineer decided to pursue civil service examination with guidance from one of my friend but I was skeptical about the process full of doubts and lots of questions in my mind. When I heard about the free education and training for UPSC preparation by Amma IAS Academy. I initially thought it’s like a general fast track course. But the starting of the course from day one to till the last date the training was must interactive with lots of activities.

The teacher were more dedicated and commitment and their ability to make the classes are interesting and are well versed.

Infrastructure of their institute is excellent.

The Entire course not only prepared me for UPSC, also for the interpersonal and time management.

My heart full thanks to Amma IAS Academy teacher and the institution for giving their platform.

Civil Service Aspirant

I just share what I felt, before and after the crash course. Initially when I get into civil services preparations its only a wandering work for me; its not like a clear bulls eye and I have to hit it.

Due to some reasons majorly economical, I was the man to opt only the way which is easy to go on; so I get into prepare TNPSC exams, for 6 – 8 months before the crash course, in a private institution.

Accidentally or incidentally I was part of the whole crash course. Non, I feel that I just wasted my precious, a whole year doing simple things. The course gave a whipped vision on my goal. And gave me another think that “Priceless is always priceless”.

This is the place, ideal for every true aspirant who willingly to do higher and higher things. This is the Atlanta of real ones who search for the place which makes them rich (of knowledge)

Navaneetha Krishnan K
Civil Service Aspirant

Amma IAS Academy provides the best platform for the aspirants who are really interested in cracking UPSC exams. It is completely free of cost that destroys the myth behind UPSC aspirant that to become IAS officer we want to be financially strong also.

If you are true aspirant economic backward is not a matter to crack UPSC. Institution have digital library, study hall and class room with highly international level AC hall, television inside the class for easy visualization to all including last bench students. The audio clarity is also give you a peaceful environment.

Here they are not taking the vast syllabus instead they choose what is important for UPSC exams. It will give clear idea for students what to study and what not. Any doubts regarding subject clarifies in a crystal clear manner. Once if we entered the academy, we gain more knowledge & confidence to crack this exam. It is one of the best academies in India. Rules and regulations are very strict that makes you more discipline person.

Praveen S
Civil Service Aspirant

I joined the Amma IAS Academy’s (AIA) 2 months crash course. I started my preparation from December 2018. I was lacking with guidance, the right way to approach the exam which I found in AIA. They mentored me and helped me to stay focused and holistic.

The sessions conducted by the faculty gave me a greater depth of knowledge.

The sessions were interactive and so relating /updating the current affairs knowledge was good.

The material provided is very useful.

The classes here made me be professional in the way of handling daily affairs.

My perception towards the exam and things around me has improved.

Atmajah B
Civil Service Aspirant

The journey of civil service exam is not easy to common man. This institute gave me an awareness and guidance about UPSC. The infrastructure of the institute is rich and unique. After the course completion my confidence level and my spirit are comparatively high. Faculties are friendly and easily approachable. They are teaching beyond the subject.

This institute gave me a guidance about personality development and gave me mentoring about exam handling and decision making. The way of teaching and handling is noticeable, we need to thanks from bottom of our heart.

Jamuna P
Civil Service Aspirant

The crash course programme conducted by the academy had its pinnacle for the schedule of teaching the concepts and infrastructure. The efforts taken by the institute for the arrangements of the course programme was stupendous. There were many things (faculty) to support. The main motto of the academy was to place the students in a comfort zone. The faculty for each subject was well experienced and also aspirants. The concept delivered was crystal clear and worthy.

I learnt many things from the institute apart from the preparation. The training programme also aimed to develop the aspirant’s attitude and personality. There are many different things which differentiate itself (Academy) from the other commercial institutions. The planning of the programme was in a different approach. Individual attention of the aspirants are experienced. Constant guidance and support from the faculty are experienced by the aspirants. I experienced many activities which led my preparation to the next level.

Manjsubashini A
Civil Service Aspirant

Amma IAS Academy is the best academy I’ve ever seen. I feel blessed to be a student of it. I have landed on the right platform where I can groom up myself towards my desired destination. As I entered AIA as afresh UPSC Aspirant, I did not have any idea about the UPSC exams. From the first of the session there was a clear understanding about the exams. Though it was a 3 month crash course, the coverage of material were excellent. Faculty team of AIA are expertise in every aspects. They thought about the subject as well as discipline. The way they handle each and every subjects were in a broader view, correlating each and every other sector. This led to a better understanding of each subjects. Faculties’ enthusiasm towards teaching and clearing doubts is the main factor that motivated me to study. This institute revealed that my limitations not bound to my disability, but I can overcome all the hurdles, I face, I have gained self-confidence. The infrastructure of AIA is excellent, as it a very pleasant to study and feel comfortable. Totally I have gained a clear outline of UPSC exams. Though it is a service kind of institution, every person are more dedicated. I am so glad that I am a student of AIA. I thank all the members and faculty team of Amma IAS Academy.

Shamily S
Civil Service Aspirant

My objective for joining this course was to develop the knowledge on various subjects related to the exam. Joining the class has definitely helped me channel my learning. Starting from orientation of the subject till completion of subject there was consistency in teaching and learning. Every subject had been taught with important current affairs. There was newspaper analysis class which is an important thing to learn for every UPSC aspirant. What many aspirant fail to do is notes making and identifying keywords in questions. We have learnt many important things like these to answer. The learning environment is very peaceful we are provided with proper lighting, ventilation, study table and canteen facility. Teachers are available after classes to clear doubts of students and guide them on approaching a subject. Overall the experience of classes is very much fruitful for me for attempting the UPSC exam.

Priyanka A
Civil Service Aspirant

It is the greatest transformation from a common person to a disciplined civil service aspirant. Discipline is their entire frame work as well as the basement of this crash course. To be consistent without any compromise regardless of what, where you come from, there was a remarkable stable teachings, guidance and a proper navigation given to everyone. Instead of making UPSC as a big deal, they provided peak of comfort to face the exams with enormous guts, which made us drive until the last day. Before joining this esteemed institute personally felt that, it’s India’s toughest exam but after joining it just transformed to the real purpose of exam is not just tough or light it just the mere responsibility that one should carry from the day one of the preparations. Regardless that we are beginners, they do consider every individuals opinion & start inculcating in regular class. They do provide the best of everything including the infrastructure, mentoring, and materials at no cost. Their ultimate goal is to produce a true, ambitions civil servant who serves only for the people’s benefit.

Vidhyanandhini L
Civil Service Aspirant

I would like begin by letting you know how grateful I am for having been a part of this amazing two months crash course for UPSC. The crash course was designed with such clarity & depth that left no topic untouched. The intellectual & psychological motivation was what kept the spirits high for the whole 66 days. The punctuality and time management that I experienced here is what I will be carrying with me from now on. The clarity and the detailed knowledge of the staff members is a quality that I hope to have some day.

I don’t have enough words to rave about the infrastructure. The ambience was amazingly conducive to maintain focus & keep studying. The infrastructure is for far better than the institutes that take fees in lakhs. The well maintained, air conditioned class room kept us comfortable enough to not worry about anything but studies. It’s been an amazing 66 days and my heartfelt thanks to the team that made this possible.

Swathi Shree
Civil Service Aspirant
Naval kishore
Civil Service Aspirant
V Sangeetha
Civil Service Aspirant
C. Gobala Krishna Gokale
Civil Service Aspirant
A Winifred
Civil Service Aspirant
M Chinnaraja
Civil Service Aspirant